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Glazing Repairs

Misted Windows

Can’t see out of your window because of condensation inside your sealed double glazed unit?

This is commonly caused by the seal that binds the glass together breaking down. To
repair misted or cloudy double glazing you don’t have to change the whole window, you can just replace the glass instead. The job is quick to do, as we simply take out the glass unit, replace it with a new one and return the window to its former glory.




Cracked Windows

We offer all types of glass from single pane clear glass to triple glazed obscured glass, toughened laminate or plastic panels, all to your specification.



If you have a crack in one of your windows, Conservatory Solutions can replace the glass no matter the size or design. It doesn’t matter if the frames are timber, metal or uPVC – no matter who fitted them originally we can fix them. We’ll take out the broken glass and replace with new, instantly improving your windows appearance.




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