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Conservatory Repairs

We can have most leaks repaired from as little as £45

As you may know there is a huge amount that can go wrong on a conservatory if fitted incorrectly of we are here to simplify and solve any issues you may have.

If you have any of these problems and want them resolved head over too our contacts us details.

  • Leaking roof vents or roof panels

  • Misted of broken glass

  • Broken locks, hinges or handles

  • Moisture or mold on internal walls

  • Broken, faded or fallen lead work

  • Leaking gutters

  • Damage to any windows or plastic conservatory parts

  • Shrunk or damaged gaskets or silicone seals


Conservatory Repairs

Conservatory roofs can be exposed to the extremes of the climate including wind, rain and snow, and therefore need to be maintained. Loose roof panels and roof vents/windows are one of the most common causes of leaks in conservatories, as this creates gaps where the water can enter and causes draughts. Conservatory Solutions can repair these slipped panels and roof vents too bring your conservatory back to its former glory.

Fancy a change? Look at our solid roof replacements here.


Feel that your conservatory just doesn’t have the “wow factor” sometimes and full replacement isn’t what you need or can afford, that’s why we are here to help you make decisions on how too make your conservatory better and suit your needs more. We can replace windows or doors within your conservatory or the roof can be changed for a different model or design .we can also change small parts like ridge cappings, glass, guttering, and hardware to make your conservatory look a bit fresher and modern. Cornices and pelmets can be fitted to your conservatory too make them look completely different from inside and out.if you are interested in any of our products contact us via a quote form or phone on our contact us details.


Call Us On: 07833 207 442

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